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Need some help with buying Christmas gifts this year?

It’s that time of year again – Christmas. The season of joy, goodwill, and…. secret Santa (grrr). If you’re like me, EVERY year you struggle to get the perfect gift. Something thoughtful. Something they need or want. Something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! (or within the £5/£10 limit). I feel for you,... Continue Reading →


Lower Back pain? check out this post!

  You are probably reading this post as you now have what 84% of the population have at some point in their life – lower back pain (Hoy et al., 2014). This can be quite a rubbish and frustrating time – especially when it stops you doing what you want to do in the day!... Continue Reading →

Reasons NOT to see an osteopath

As an osteopath, I am EXTREMELY biased into believing that anybody and everybody can benefit from osteopathy. However, I do understand there are reasons why somebody wouldn’t want to visit or are unsure about receiving treatment. Therefore, I have listed some obvious reasons and tried to clarify some of these misconceptions. Most pain gets better... Continue Reading →

Feeling sore after the Great Scottish Run?

Congratulations! Finishing a half marathon is a fantastic achievement and everyone should be super proud of themselves! Last year, runners raised over £4.2 million for charity and I expect even more will be raised this year! No doubt that since you’ve finished you’ve been walking a little funny. Or maybe during the race you’ve picked... Continue Reading →

Do the discs in my back slip?

You may have been told in the past by a healthcare professional that you have a “slipped disc”. This often used to describe any condition where the disc (the connective tissue/cartilage in between the vertebrae of the spine) has been irritated. This is very common and does not necessarily mean you will experience any pain... Continue Reading →

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