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But why does my back muscles spasm?

Patients often tell me that certain movements – or even at random cause their back muscles to spasm. This can last for a few minutes before calming down and you can move freely again. So why is this? When you move your body in a way that it isn’t used to, signals are sent up... Continue Reading →


Not anyone can call themselves an osteopath!

All osteopaths in the UK must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). GOsC regulates the practice of osteopathy under the terms of the Osteopaths Act 1993. They hold a statutory duty to promote, develop and regulate the profession of osteopathy in the UK. It fulfils its duty to protect the interests of the public by... Continue Reading →

Knee’d some help?

Do you have achey knees? Do they feel stiff after you’ve sat down for a while? Or maybe every time you start to progress with your running, your knee flares up AGAIN? This can often go on for a long time with periods of feeling good, then out of nowhere your knee feels sore again!... Continue Reading →

Reasons NOT to see an osteopath

As an osteopath, I am EXTREMELY biased into believing that anybody and everybody can benefit from osteopathy. However, I do understand there are reasons why somebody wouldn’t want to visit or are unsure about receiving treatment. Therefore, I have listed some obvious reasons and tried to clarify some of these misconceptions. Most pain gets better... Continue Reading →

Feeling sore after the Great Scottish Run?

Congratulations! Finishing a half marathon is a fantastic achievement and everyone should be super proud of themselves! Last year, runners raised over £4.2 million for charity and I expect even more will be raised this year! No doubt that since you’ve finished you’ve been walking a little funny. Or maybe during the race you’ve picked... Continue Reading →

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